In this unusual year, the need for virtual connectivity has proven to be paramount. To address this need, Oster HSC has worked with vendors to offer after-school enrichment programs that will operate through Zoom. While offered through outside providers, many of these classes have been created exclusively for Oster students. We have also included links to additional resources that are open to all of the public.


Oster Exclusive Classes 

Piano by Izze Chea 
Drape and Design Fashion - Camp Fashionista
Chibi Anime Drawing - Camp Fashionista
Hand Sewn Chibi Food - Camp Fashionista
9-Head Fashion Figure Drawing - Camp Fashionista
Bollywood Dance
Fit to Play: Multi-Sport Athletic Cross Training



Public After School Offerings




Classes have varied age ranges, so please check to make sure your child qualifies before enrolling.

If you have any recommendations for other classes or teachers, please send us more information by clicking here